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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nordic Men

As a Nordic woman I find the Nordic cooperative television project "The Nordic Man" very interesting - and incredibly amusing!

After watching two episodes the Nordic Man comes across as somewhat lost to me. In a world filled with independent women that have invaded almost all traditional male domains the Nordic Man struggles for his masculinity. What is a man to do when women don't need his protection anymore? When they hunt their own food - within his territory?

“Men and Love”
In the programme about men and love we look at the group of men that have a hard time catching the independent Nordic women that tend to leave the small villages and take a higher education in the cities, leaving behind a group of heart aching under- graduated men. The programme shows the men’s dilemma, but also how inventive souls have taken positive steps to free themselves from their misfortune.

“Men and Work”
Women are an active part of the working filed in the Nordic countries and traditional male territory is beginning to get inhabited by women. In Norway they have taken a radical step to get women to the core within trade and industry. A new law states that 40 % of all board members must be women, or else the board will be dissolved by force! In the programme about men and work we look at how men respond to this, and how the men themselves gain new territory within working fields that used to belong to women.

Poor guy, the Nordic Man.


Christina said...

Til dette program er der bl.a. filmet fra C.'s (min C.) arbejdsplads!

...Denmark is such a tiny place..


Anonymous said...

So you find it 'amusing' to se men being lost?

The idea that women do it for themselves is purely an illusion created by the welfare state which is largely ( in the northern context ) tranfer of money from men to women. Just as it was before. Now it is just done by the state instead of individually.

Tear down the welfare state and the natural balance among the genders will reestablish itself

R. said...

No, I did not find it amusing to see men being lost. I see that my point comes across wrongly: What I find amusing is the way the shows are produced. They approach their topic in a humourous and warm way: a guy from India travels to the Nordic countries to study the Nordic man in his natural habitat. The programs also have a lot of small sketches and the like.