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Friday, February 23, 2007

Tell me about you!

If you read Danish I hope you will find the time to fill in a short questionnaire about my blog:

Gå til spørgeskema

The questionnaire is from Blog Tjek 07; a group of Danish bloggers investigating blog readers.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Radio with a European twist

News media that cross borders is a rare phenomenon - at least if we consider their popularity. Most people get their news from national media where events are interpreted and presented in a national context. This is not surprising considering most news media are produced nationally: Danish television news are produced by Danes within the borders of Denmark.

The radio programme Network Europe is an interesting experiment with respect to this. It is a cooperation between ten radio stations from all over Europe - from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe. Together they assemble a current affairs programme with stories from many corners of the continent.

Without doubt the programme has many flaws. It is a bit monotonous, the topics tend to be very 'heavy', and the sound quality is varying. Still, I like the idea about crossborder cooperation and the fact that the programmes offer stories that national media usually filters out.

Listen to the programmes in English or German.

Here in Hamburg some of my class mates are currently conducting a survey among people who have listened to the programme. If you have ten minutes they would be very happy if you would answer their online questionnaire.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The witch is back

Multitasking like crazy. While desperately browsing the web for accomodation in Brussels and typing in an assignment about the Danish media landscape my ears have devoted their full attention to this new album - a tribute to Yoko Ono.

As the Danish broadcaster DR write in their review the album is "colourful and messy". Still, I like it. Especially Peaches, Blow Up and Le Tigre make great performances as their music is mixed with the voice of the witch herself - Ono.

As a statement the tribute is interesting as well. As Rasmus Junge from DR puts it:

"Exactly the negative, public image of Yoko Ono as a cynical and calculating pop-avantgardist is the focal point for the tribute album 'Yes, I'm a Witch', that sttempts to add some nuances to this otherwise black-and-white representation, and at the same time advocates her importance as a gender-conscious, female artist." (my translation from Danish)