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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Code decoded

This week I saw the (in-)famous movie The Da Vinci Code.

My judgement is...

..I really enjoyed it! To me appropriate measures of suspense, mystique and some interesting commentary.

As far as I understand a major the points of the movie is that Christianity is a construction made to distribute power in a certain way in society. Priests and kings in ancient times agreed upon the stories of Christianity so they would serve their interests the best. Hereby a society with significant inequalities between ethnicities, genders and social classes was created. Something that we - according to the movie - still see very much today. To put it crudely; Christianity is (another) tool for white men to remain those in power.

For many The Da Vince Code have raised the question if Christians are living a lie. But to me it is equally interesting to ask whether Christianity - at the end of the day - really is compatible with democracy?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sometimes statistics say more than words



Share of world property



Working hours/


60% (hours);

10% (income)





60% (I)

80% (R)



via Mig og Verden (my translation from Swedish)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Go youth!

I am truly sorry that I can't joint the demos in Denmark this Wednesday. In spite I don't agree with their take on early retirement benefit I still wish 17.maj-initiativet the best of luck with their events around the country. It is really cool to see so many different youth organizations cooperating. Thumbs up!

Friday, May 12, 2006

100 years ago

“I have a mother, and I have a wife and a sister and daughters, and I wish to continue in the position of their supporter and their protector, and not to place them under the necessity of protecting their own political position. I do not wish them to have extended to them the right not only to vote, but to sit in this Chamber. It is man's duty to be here, and it is woman's duty to attend to the family.”

William Knox in an Australian House of Assembly debate, 1902.

Friday, May 05, 2006

One of our neighbours has a point

"I get really angry when I look at Sweden today. [...] Just look at Paris - the suburbs are burning. The immigrants live in the horrible, ghettoized suburbs where the houses are collapsing. In Sweden you see that the barriers of class increase. We are not talking about industrial workers, because soon we won't have any industry, but instead we have many proletarized fugitive and immigrant groups. Single parents, predominantly women. Those are the new-poor in Europe."

- Tiina Rosenberg, co-founder of the Swedish feminist party "Feministiskt Initiativ".