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Monday, October 31, 2005

Unpopular headgear

New survey: Almost half of the population, 46 percent, thinks that Muslim headscarves should be forbidden in Danish schools.

This was an opening for The Danish People's Party to restate their old suggestion on prohibiting religious headgear. Their argument is headscarves discriminates young girls and with a ban this would be prevented.

So where does that leave us? Should it be forbidden for fat girls to wear short, tight shirts? Should pale people be restricted in their use of bright-coloured clothes?

On the radio this morning you could hear the average Dane sharing his thoughts on this topic. One lady explained that a lot of headgear should be prohibited. Not just headscarves but also (the way I understood it) caps, religious as non-religious, should be forbidden in school. According to her such clothing didn't belong in school.

This is an interesting statement because it questions the grounds for restrictions on religious headgear. Does 46 percent of the population think a ban will result in less discrimination? Or is it that we don't want visible "unconventional stuff" in the Danish public? Especially not, when it stems from values that we see as different from our own?

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