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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Imagine all the people

Some time ago I wrote a bit about Yoko Ono and how her importance as a gender-conscious artist has been neglected in favour of a portrayal as the witch that killed the Beatles. In the light of my previous post I found this cartoon by the Danish duo Wulffmorgenthaler rather amusing.


Lennart said...

Ja, er det ikke herligt. Mænd fremstilles som sexfikserede tomhjerner mens kvinden er den store fredselskende holostiske humanist?

Stereotyper er jo helt i orden, når det er mændene der står for skud, eller hvordan er det nu, I feminister mener?

R. said...

As I think is obvious from most of my posts on this blog I am for gender equality. I have on previous occasions adressed fathers' rights and the crisis of gender roles (the female as well as the male role). As far as I remember, I have not explicitly addressed media's gender stereotyping, but my opinion is (probably no surprise) that stereotyping creates very narrow categories for women as well as men to act in.

As I explained in the post I like the cartoon, because it offers another view on Yoko Ono than 'the usual'; namely as a feminist and artist. I agree, your reading applies as well, it can be understood as a backlash against men, but that was not my point of posting the cartoon.

Besides that, I think it is important to keep in mind that John Lennon is rarely subject to representation as "sex-crazed airhead". The cartoon is not reinforcing any widespread stereotypic image of John Lennon.

With that said, the point of this blog is definetely not to promote/reinforce gender stereotypes, so I am glad you brought the issue to my attention.