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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The witch is back

Multitasking like crazy. While desperately browsing the web for accomodation in Brussels and typing in an assignment about the Danish media landscape my ears have devoted their full attention to this new album - a tribute to Yoko Ono.

As the Danish broadcaster DR write in their review the album is "colourful and messy". Still, I like it. Especially Peaches, Blow Up and Le Tigre make great performances as their music is mixed with the voice of the witch herself - Ono.

As a statement the tribute is interesting as well. As Rasmus Junge from DR puts it:

"Exactly the negative, public image of Yoko Ono as a cynical and calculating pop-avantgardist is the focal point for the tribute album 'Yes, I'm a Witch', that sttempts to add some nuances to this otherwise black-and-white representation, and at the same time advocates her importance as a gender-conscious, female artist." (my translation from Danish)


Henrik Hansen said...

Hej R.

jeg kan også lide Ono.
Jeg har forøvrigt flækket en post sammen, der måske vil interessere dig.
Ja det er svagt sådan at lave opsøgende arbejde overfor potentielle læsere. Men denne svenske debat er på mange måder interessant.

R. said...

Hej Henrik,

Det er helt fint, jeg har været lidt fraværende på det sidste - grundet eksamener og almen stress.

Dit post er spændende, jeg har skrevet en laaang kommentar til det.