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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well - maybe naked breasts can be liberating!

Some time ago I did a post about how more bare skin in Muslim countries is unlikely to be a sign of women's liberation. The headline was 'showing cleavage is not liberation' - and now I might have to eat my own words!

In Sweden a group of feminists are trying to spark a debate about the social norms that discrimate the female body. They call themselves 'Bara Bröst' (naked breasts) and their activities include topless visits to public swimming pools. According to Bare Bröst it should be socially accepted for women to be naked in the same situation as men - it's simply wrong to consider breasts as a part of the female genitalia.

Read the manifesto of Bare Bröst here (scroll down for English) or join their Facebook group.


Kimporator said...

Come så, sødeste R, giv din bidrag til frigørelsen - stil op til hans sides spøg, "hans pige"

R. said...
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R. said...

Lol - I'll probably skip that one, but you should suggest it to the Swedes! :-)

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