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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We choose welfare


Today the Danish government announced that we will have our next national elections on the 13th of November - so soon, so soon. I am a bit sad that I live in Brussels and will not experience the campaign first hand. Well, it is an opportunity to really take advantage of the Danish parties' YouTube offers. Eventhough their channels haven't got the best reviews - these videos of party leaders Naser Khader and Helle Thorning are almost embarassing!

The one below is my favourite so far: Helle Thorning, leader of the Danish Social Democratic Party and, hopefully, Denmark's first female prime minister ;-)

Thanks to Dansk Politik TV for collecting the links.

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VikingRaider said...

If Helle really does fancy her chances of being the next PM then she (and her partner) need to answers some of the questions raised on the IT Contracting in Denmark Blog.