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Monday, September 03, 2007

My plog my words

I just came across the expression 'blogoneer' in a report about the potential of corporate blogging. It refers to a "person who blogs with an expert or pioneering attitude". Someone who is somehow venturing out into the unknown, courageously facing the challenges of the blogosphere... or something :-)

I came across this list of blog-related expressions:

Blaudience - The readership of a blog
Blawg - A blog focusing on a commentary about the law
Blog Carnival - A blog with links to other articles
Bloggernacle - A blog written by and for Mormons
Bloggies - a blog award
Bloglet - a small blog with one or two sentences
Momosphere - A blog written by mothers
Plog - A political blog
Gulog - A blog so depressing it's as if it were written in a Soviet labour camp
Blogoneer - A person who blogs with an expert or pioneering attitude.

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