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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad news is good news - also in Brussels

The negative slant to media coverage of the the European Union is a source of permanent headache to the people in Brussels. They are, as I, convinced there are plenty of good news to pass on but somehow these stories are rarely found in the papers.

In a study of British journalists Gavin reaches the conclusion that this trend is perfectly natural. Not because Brussels is nested with corruption and deception but because "bad news is good news" - and decision-makers and civil servants in Brussels need to cope better with that. Gavin explains:

"... newspaper people might come to the conclusion that Europe's serious deficiencies outweigh the more abstract and less tangible benefits it has brought us over decades. And stories headlined 'Still no war after fifty years!' or 'Europe continues to give us a level of prosperity we might not otherwise have' are always going to loose the battle for column inches to reports beginning with 'Beef war with France, again!'"

In Gavin, N.T (2001): British journalists in the spotlight. Europe and media research. Journalism vol 2(3), pp. 299-314.

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