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Monday, November 13, 2006

Food for thought

This years Amnesty Award at the CPH:DOX film festival will go to a movie that puts women in focus. The nominees definitely sound worth a view:

'American Blackout': the black democratic politician Cynthia McKinney dared to ask critical questions regarding the political line of the Bush administration following 9/11.

'Enemies of Happiness': the risky election campaign of the young Afghan women politician Malalai Yoyas. Meet Malalai Yoyas or find another interesting seminar to attend here.

'Carla´s List': lead prosecutor Carla del Ponte´s work to convict war criminal from the civil war in the former Jugoslavia.

'City Walls: My Own Private Teheran': the battle of Iranian women for independence.

'Maquiliapolis: City of Factories': five Mexican women fight for better working conditions at big multinational factories in Tijuana.

Besides the women's theme 'The prize of the pole' and 'The substitute' also sound really interesting.

So: if you're in Copenhagen during this week I recommend treating yourself with a documentary.

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