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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Real beauty?

In spite the 'Campaign for Real Beauty' might have a bit too much commercial involvement for my flavour the intend is still laudable and worth a mention. The Danish national campaign takes place in cooperation with the National Eating Disorders Association

And not to forget: the video is really impressive!

Danish campaign web page
International campaign web page


Rasmus said...

Alternativt kan man også kaste et blik på en flok helt almindelige mænd hos Stine

Lasse said...

Great, there are a lot of good photoshopping tips in there. :-)

Campagne for real beauty, sponsored by Dove? Who´s mission it is to "to make more women feel beautiful everyday"??

R. said...

As said pretty commercial initiative. I've never been a great fan of branding that plays on the social responsibility of big companies. The only good thing you can say about that is the fact it raises money for a good cause.

R. said...

@Rasmus - thanks for the link! It sounds like a really interesting exhibition. Actually that interesting that I have done a post on the topic myself.