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Monday, August 28, 2006

The need for a new concept of masculinity

"Men are the loosers of the future" states a big headline in today's edition of the Danish newspaper Politiken.

According to the Economic Council of the Labour Movement the Danish labour market will lack 136.000 skilled workers and 66.000 persons with a higher education in 2015. In turn there will be 135.000 unskilled workers in surplus.

"It will be men who will be in trouble," says managing director Lars Andersen from the Economic Council of the Labour Movement. There is a big difference between the educational pattern of men and women: Today half of Denmark's young women goes for higher education whereas only 37 percent of the young men has chosen university or the like. He explains:

"The young women's educational profile is a better fit for the future's labour market than that of the men. The men are in high risk of becoming the future's loosers."

This is sad news. There are of course no good biological reasons for men to have less motivation for higher education than women - so something must be very wrong with the way that men are taught to be men.

The new report is just another proof how crucial it is that we escape traditional gender roles and reinvent what it means to be 'a man' and 'a woman'.


37g said...

No, Dear - it's the other way round: Something must be very wrong with the western feminist educational systems. And societies will break down if we don't stop this wave of antimasculinity!

R. said...

Well, Dear - it makes me wonder: if the western educational systems are so feministic why is it then that the majority of leaders of education institutions are men?

There is no wave of antimasculinity but rather a development in what it means to be 'masculine'. Just as there is beginning to be a change in what it means to be 'feminine'. And thank god for both.

Anonymous said...

There most certainly is a wave of antimale sentiments in the west. It is known as misandry.