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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Code decoded

This week I saw the (in-)famous movie The Da Vinci Code.

My judgement is...

..I really enjoyed it! To me appropriate measures of suspense, mystique and some interesting commentary.

As far as I understand a major the points of the movie is that Christianity is a construction made to distribute power in a certain way in society. Priests and kings in ancient times agreed upon the stories of Christianity so they would serve their interests the best. Hereby a society with significant inequalities between ethnicities, genders and social classes was created. Something that we - according to the movie - still see very much today. To put it crudely; Christianity is (another) tool for white men to remain those in power.

For many The Da Vince Code have raised the question if Christians are living a lie. But to me it is equally interesting to ask whether Christianity - at the end of the day - really is compatible with democracy?

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Kisser said...

Hmm, skræmmende så meget i vores samfund en del mener er til for at hvide mænd skal beholde magten. To til er i følge visse:
- Den kapitalistiske verdensøkonomi
- Kvinders underordnede stilling